Playin Soccer: 7 Ways to Score MORE GOALS in SOCCER/FOOTBALL

Awesome Tip: 7 Ways to Score MORE GOALS in SOCCER/FOOTBALL

7 SIMPLE WAYS to SCORE GOALS in Soccer or Football.


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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  1. Who's the best goalscorer in the world?

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    Gak bisa bhs ingges

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  9. I'm good at soccer You guys can too

  10. Thank you bro but tell us about keeper

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  12. Cool video. I always score 1v1s in my opinion there really easy

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  15. Thank you sir I need to defend my friend thank you for your steps

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  20. Two Days Ago I Was Scored With Slide

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  24. Just get in the box and fuckin leather it Shearer scored over 260 goals doing that

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    I am gay now

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