Playin Soccer: (6+6) v (3+3) – Fitness in Soccer

Awesome Tip: (6+6) v (3+3) – Fitness in Soccer

by McMillan, K., Van Winckel, J., Serdeen, G., & Helsen, W. (from the book: Fitness in Soccer)

Three teams of 6 players each. Two teams of 6 players (attacking) take up their places in the outer boxes. The defending team puts 3 players in the middle section and 3 players play 6v3 in one of the two rectangles. The 2 attacking teams play the ball around, and they can also play the ball to the other rectangle. The players in the middle section of the defending team then try to win the ball in that rectangle, while the other 3 players move to the middle section. They try to intercept the ball from being played to the other rectangle. The game is played for 2 minutes. The defending team tries to intercept the ball as often as possible. The teams are then changed.

– Number of touches.
– Can also be played with three teams of 8 players each.

– Coaches play a new ball into the vacant rectangle whenever the ball goes out.
– Coaches keep track of how often the attacking teams lose the ball.


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