Playin Soccer: 6 SIMPLE Skill Moves for Wingers

Awesome Tip: 6 SIMPLE Skill Moves for Wingers


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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  1. Name the top 5 wingers in the world:

  2. Dah lahhh gw gk paham:v

  3. Bro I have completed rainbow skill but I couldn't do in running. Next to bicycle kick say how to do it. I am Sudharsan

  4. Who is best in sol and go☺️

  5. Who is watching this drunk ??

  6. When I was in the field I forgot to screw

  7. Bro I am u r new subscriber I saw u r video this is more helpful for me to face the match

  8. 5:56 thats bruno s goal,

  9. Amazing skills

  10. I used this skills in match. There are very use full to fake and cut defenders

  11. Make it for mid field

  12. It will be easy but we will forget

  13. Thanks, like to watch and learn it. I am from Indonesia. Haturnuhun gan

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  15. Nesta : Am i joke to you?

  16. Your skills are very simple and beautiful .. we are Indians sir ..

  17. Njr

  18. Which ball is that plz give link of that ball

  19. Make a video how to remember this skill in a real match

  20. when I play i always forget all skills

  21. I like your skills all your skills

  22. Malayali

  23. You are look like Torres when you wear sleeves,(Liverpool)

  24. Fun fact- Defenders are also watching

  25. Cffgf

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