Playin Soccer: 6 Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Awesome Tip: 6 Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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  2. It was 6 just letting you no

  3. Im a defender and in the 4 th minute he ain't getting through and be released alone going for goal

  4. you are a nice coach

  5. Hi! I use the app Filmora Wondershare since 4 years it's amazing

  6. I wouldn't

  7. Yes

  8. My friend doesn’t pass and keeps shooting and doesn’t score a goal

  9. Of course not

  10. WIt he said 7 but it says 6

  11. Cool video

  12. 7 or 6?

  13. You said six mistakes that your probably making

  14. The title says 6 but he said 7 hahahaha

  15. I propbably would take a red card

  16. Yh sometime you feel so confident and then the ball roles past your feet.

  17. Sometimes you got have to make that hard tackle

  18. NO

  19. "We will show you seven mistakes that players make on the feild"
    The title: "6 Mistakes"

  20. I would not.

  21. Nooo

  22. No I wouldn’t

  23. no

  24. I got prize because of this I learned many skills from this

  25. No

  26. No I wouldn't trip people unless it was the end of the game

  27. no

  28. I will let that goal go

  29. Thank you so much!! This season I missed two open goals and didn’t score, as I am what I think a the top of my team. Everyone said to just stay calm in front of goal but I wanted a bit more advice. And to anybody who sees this comment, if you want to do something professionally you have to strive for it, and that is one thing I am having trouble with.

  30. No

  31. Or I can just try my best to improve my defensive awareness and defend better All attack

  32. I think we can stop them from scoring and block their free kick

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