Playin Soccer: 6 Mistakes Players Should NEVER Make

Awesome Tip: 6 Mistakes Players Should NEVER Make

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These are 6 common mistakes young soccer and football players should avoid! You can have all the skills in the world, but it won’t matter if you make stupid mistakes. In this video we’ll show you not to do! This video is great for midfielders, wingers, strikers, and even defenders.

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Today, we’ll show you five common mistakes made by young players, and explain how you can avoid them. You’re watching all attack!

— Shooting off a poor touch —

Many times, young players will take shots even when their set up touch is poor.
Don’t do this.

When you set yourself for a shot, your touch should be 2-4 feet away from you. This will give you enough space to unleash your strike.

If your first touch is too far away from you [shot], or gets stuck under your feet, you just shouldn’t take the shot [head shot]. Because your strike will probably end up looking something like this.

— Passing to someone under pressure —

Just because you can pass to someone, doesn’t mean you should.

Many young players will pass the ball to a teammate, even when that teammate is under pressure from the opposition.

You should always look for someone with space to receive the ball. If you don’t, you’ll be the one responsible for the loss of possession.

— Not Moving to Support —

A common problem players have is that they don’t move into a good position to receive the ball.

Standing behind defenders doesn’t help anybody. And it will lead to you never getting the ball, and eventually, to you sitting on the bench.

So remember, always make sure to get into a position that will be helpful for your teammates.

— Turning into players —

Sometimes players receive the ball, and turn without knowing what’s behind them.

Now ideally, you would be aware of the whole field, and you would turn your body to the side when receiving the ball.

But if you do happen to get the ball, and you don’t know what’s behind you. Then just pass it back your teammate. Because if you’re not sure, then it’s not worth the risk of losing the ball, especially if you’re a midfielder.

— Not adjusting for the wind —

If you’re playing into a strong wind, you probably want to avoid long shots, and long passes high in the in the air.

The wind slows down the ball down dramatically, making your shots weaker, and stopping your passes from reaching their intended target.

So next time you’re going against the wind, try and keep the ball on the ground.

— Letting the ball Bounce —

When a ball is dropping from the air, some players let the ball bounce before controlling it. This is a mistake

Letting it bounce make it more difficult to control, and gives your opponents a chance to steal the ball.

So when a ball comes to you in the air, make sure to control the ball, and get it on the ground as fast as possible.

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