Playin Soccer: 6 AMAZING Ways to CONTROL the Ball in REAL GAMES

Awesome Tip: 6 AMAZING Ways to CONTROL the Ball in REAL GAMES

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    9 way to shoot and 15 skills to differ from attacker and made and defence

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    I am from India I didn't know about football but when i am see all attack I selected in under 14 match
    Thank you all attack

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    Please Tell The Name Of Football

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    محترم جدا جدا جدا تسلم

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    I want to see you make cr7 moves

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    Bro what is your hometown

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    Your face is dirty

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    Plese make your video in hindi

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    For me I want to be like u I want to be professional footfall player

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    eres lo mejor!!!!!

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    I am a girl and tu for all football trick if u were not there I would get lose when playing football and the boy always bully by saying girls are weak but I was like a tomboy but also going to cry and my mom dad support me they always maked me happy whenever I cry and of your channal I learn to play football and I am not weak anymore I learn to fight I learn to be a strong kid and if boys say something I fight them back tu allattack

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    I really enjoyed watching your video.
    your skills were so awesome it helped me during my football matches .
    Thank you so much sir for showing your skills.
    and it really helped m a lot.
    keep on showing us some crazy skills, we would really like it.

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    How can I became a best player

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    Waa Awesome

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    Ronaldinho (Brazil Player) he is d all time legend player.

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    All attack is the best

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    Neymar made that touch

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