Playin Soccer: 5v0+GK – Fitness in Soccer

Awesome Tip: 5v0+GK – Fitness in Soccer

by McMillan, K., Van Winckel, J., Serdeen, G., & Helsen, W. (from the book: Fitness in Soccer)

In this exercise, two teams (right side v left side) play against each other. The players are set up according to the positions they play in matches. The players then try to score as much as possible on the left and right. A point is scored when scoring directly from a cross. The coach can then install the tactical guidelines according to his own running lines and movements by introducing new passing directions each time.

The game can be played with or without defenders.

– Ensure that all positions are covered. The players resume their positions as fast as possible immediately after the action.
– Emphasize the competitive element.

The players are allowed to switch to the wing position. The fullback then becomes the winger. The backs and midfielders can also change so as give everyone the chance to finish.


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