Playin Soccer: 5 Ways to SHOOT and Beat the Goalkeeper

Awesome Tip: 5 Ways to SHOOT and Beat the Goalkeeper

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    1v1 vs the Goalkeeper, who is the best finisher in the world?

  2. hi i am ervin, i come from kampar, riau, indonesia

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    1:19 ,,The Lob"
    Trymacs Viewer would say: ,,Be the Log" XD

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    Watching from Uganda

  5. Reply

    Watching from Uganda

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    Can you make a video about how to dribble 2 players at the same time i will be thankful

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    Make new and improved videos on players positions and tactics. Some of older ones are banned due to copyright issue.

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    bro thankyou i watch this skills and i'm so improving.waiting 4 da next video.

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    Nice video

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    Really helpful bro

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    Top skills against goalkeepers video please

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    Very quality video but the master of the lob is def di maria tho

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    All attack Mi teacher ❤⚽️

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    Nice one

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    please like All attack

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    Can you take a video of knuckle ball

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    How to shoot = just put ur leg in the ball and throw the ball . LETS GO !

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    Mallu undooo

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    Erling Braut…

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    5 ways to shoot and beat the Goal keeper

    1 0:23 The side chip

    2 1:18 The lob

    3 2:41 Nutmegs

    4 3:22 The smash

    5 4:10 Outside of foot

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    Awsome Bro❤️

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    Ronaldo is the best finisher between all goalkeepers ❤❤❤❤

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    Pongan subtitulos en español PLIS

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    is knuckleball really a good shooting technique for wingers or is it better to finesse

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    Love love love sir

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    another masterpiece from allattack

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    Thanks for the tutorial. Will definitely practice more when lockdowns are lifted.

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    Memorial Day weekend tournament time, thanks for posting this

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    please do a tutorial of of swaz freekick otherwise called the Roberto Carlos freekick

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    City will win the champios league final today

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    Indians like here❣️

  37. I am a huge fan of you channel. I am requesting you to make video on how to shoot from long range. Plzz

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