Playin Soccer: 5 Ways to Beat Defenders WITHOUT Touching the Ball

Awesome Tip: 5 Ways to Beat Defenders WITHOUT Touching the Ball

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0:00 Intro
0:21 Leave the Pass
1:14 Fake Control
2:08 Body Feints off a Through Pass
2:57 Body Feints off a Square Pass
4:09 Fake Kicks


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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    Awesome Kaden ! I like you vs your bro

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    أنت نجم

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    I have scored 4 goals by learning this skills thanks All Attack

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    Thanks men

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    Make video about how to dribble over 11 players and scored a goal without touching it

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    fake pass is used only in professional game if we do that in school they will say nutmeg lol

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    I am a defender, I want to increase my defending skill…
    those are also useful here, but want a video entirely depends on defending skill
    and also goalkeeping skills

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    Thanks so much all attack

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    knuckle ball

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    Sir u r great

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    Watching this an hour before the game maybe i'll use some of this for it

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    i want to see a video about goalkeeper tips

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    You are amazing keep forword

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    My dream is I will play football with Nike/Addidas/puma shoes:(

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    The first exercise ALWAYS beat the defender .

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    Step 1: don't touch the ball

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    Malayalis undo

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    I love this channel

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