Playin Soccer: 5 Things EVERY MIDFIELDER Must Do

Awesome Tip: 5 Things EVERY MIDFIELDER Must Do


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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    Which skill is most important for Midfielders?

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    I like your each and every vedio. Can you plz make how to move stiker with player to player.

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    this is very useful for me as a midfielder

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    the last clip was a ofside

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    Cool video

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    Born Again best background muis

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    I love switching the play and if you combine that with scanning the field you will have awareness of your teammates and opponents whilst being able to pick out a complex pass while reading the situation at the same time

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    I play football with my brother every day but I always have to be mildfild

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    The Big Fat 300th

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    മലയാളി ❤

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    Y los subtitulos en español? :"(

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    All attack messi or Rinaldo fan?

  14. Please do a vedio how to score bicycle goals

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    I want to improve my juggling you help me

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    You create a video about improve juggling

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    This channel is the most helpful if your a soccer player and no matter what position u do or what mistakes u do they help u to do the right decisions and trick for ur position

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    Wow all super skills

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