Playin Soccer: 5 Things EVERY Great WINGER Needs

Awesome Tip: 5 Things EVERY Great WINGER Needs

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These are 5 things every winger needs. Five qualities of great wingers like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, and Jadon Sancho. Learn how to be a better winger on AllAttack!


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Today, we’ll show you 5 qualities of every great winger, so you know what it takes to dominate the edges of the pitch. You’re watching AllAttack!

– Speed –

It’s no secret that wingers are usually pretty quick.

The outside of the pitch often has open spaces. So naturally, a fast player is going to have an advantage.

But you don’t have have the top speed of Usain Bolt, or even Alphonso Davies, to be a winger. Often, what’s most important is your acceleration over the first 5-10 yards.

This may be all the space you need to beat the defender.

– Speed Dribbling –

Having pace is great, but it won’t help much if you can’t take the ball with you.

Ideally, wingers should be able to keep the ball under control, while they move with speed.

This kind of control terrifies defenders, because the attacker has all the momentum, and can change direction at any second.

If you want to improve your speed dribbling, use the top outside edge of your foot to push the ball forward as you run. Over time you’ll improve, and you’ll gradually be able to move faster and faster while still keeping the ball under control.

– Change of Direction –

You can have pace and you can take the ball with you, but if all you do is run in a straight line, you’re going to be predictable.

Wingers can shift their body weight, and change directions quickly, all while taking the ball with them.

If you want to Improve your ability to change direction, practice your body feints, and do drills that force you to constantly change direction while dribbling.

– Crossing –

One of the most common strengths of a winger, is their ability to put the ball in the box.

Most teams want a winger who can whip a cross with curve, speed, and height.

This kind of cross is difficult to defend, and is great for players who like to get on the end of crosses.

This crossing technique is not that different from shooting with curve, or curling a free kick, so those are actually decent ways to practice. One more tip though, When you’re actually in a game, make sure you look up before you cross, or at least, be fairly confident there’s someone in the box. Otherwise, you’re probably going to cross the ball in, to no one.

– Getting the Ball –

When you play on the wing, it can sometimes be difficult to get the ball. Especially if your team is bad at passing.

or just likes to ignore you.

If you want to be noticed as a winger, you have to demand the ball.

When the field is crowded one side, call for the switch.

When you’re making a run, point where you want the pass.

And throughout the game, constantly move into positions where your teammates will give you the ball.

You don’t have to scream or get angry, but you should definitely let people know you’re there.


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