Playin Soccer: 5 MOST STUPID Plays in Football/Soccer

Awesome Tip: 5 MOST STUPID Plays in Football/Soccer


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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  1. Watch until the end to see Ross steal my money.

  2. Cool video

  3. 0:11
    Just making a loop of pressing this timestamp

  4. You are a Comedian of football

    • J3K
    • February 3, 2021

    Player: Pushes other player

    Other Player: Oye Oye Oye Oye

    Player: Oye Oye Oye Oye Oye

  5. The name is All Attack and yet they tell us not to attack. . .

  6. Bro how to kick overdeadkick

  7. "oui oui oui" are you french?

  8. WT..??

  9. What is your favorite player

  10. Hahaha funny vedio

  11. I love it man keep going

  12. I learned a lot from your videos

  13. Im the player who takes responsibility for everyone elses mistakes (Teammate misses I say i did a bad pass or something) But I blame everyone else for my own mistakes

    Makes no sense but I do it for some reason

  14. foot

  15. funny

  16. Omg that slap was real lol

  17. Brazil vs France World Cup (1986) plenty shootout


  18. Haha that's really thing we loveee

  19. the person reporting the refree got red card

  20. 0:33 oing oing oing oing

  21. Do YoU nEeD sOmE gLaSeS 4:07

  22. Xd

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