Playin Soccer: 5 EASY WAYS to NEVER Lose the Ball!

Awesome Tip: 5 EASY WAYS to NEVER Lose the Ball!

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5 easy ways to keep the ball in soccer or football. Protect the ball and keep possession.


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    That's so cool.

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    What.So if I use this I will never lose the ball wen I am playing ⚽️

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    tell this to leroy sane

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    My new skill is called is wesleyihno 3000

  7. Esa vato con su horrible playera de las chivas, jajajajajaja.

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    Practice make man perfect

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    0:46 this leads to gang war in India

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    Your videos so nice

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    Sir you are teaching very well

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    I realy impreessed

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    1:23 turns

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    Really great video, lots of very useful tips, thanks

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    Please what app do you use in editing your videos please am a footballer and I some personal videos which I need help please .

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    Official off giving first six di icon

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    Official off giving first six di icon

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    Guys comment down what soccer shoe u have under my comment!

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