Playin Soccer: 5 BEST CROSSING TECHNIQUES in Football or Soccer

Awesome Tip: 5 BEST CROSSING TECHNIQUES in Football or Soccer


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Standard Curve
1:45 Trivela
3:16 Low Driven
4:35 Lofted
6:07 Chip Cross


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    Who is the best crosser in the world?

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    I love your videos!

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    Thanks All attack for giving us a vivid picture about crossing

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    How many of you are here left footed?

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    Bro plz make a video on ronaldinho skills

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    I have been looking for this

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    gran edición saludos desde Venezuela.

  8. my favourite channel

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    Nice video bro love the edits we appreciate to work it's not easy to make a video like that I do the same and it's not easy as it look likes keep going

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    Loved the detailing and the position of foot shown just before kicking ❤️

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    Why is one of my latest videos at 1k views someone pls explain to me (it is about a game called tricky track 3D)

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    I like your channel bro I always time watch new upload video

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    thx,i have practice

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    more advance dribling drill video please.

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    I have watched you many times.

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    I'm from Thailand

  18. Can we agree that Quaresma is the best outside foot shooter in the world?

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    3.13 super

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