Playin Soccer: 4 WAYS to Become GREAT at Passing!

Awesome Tip: 4 WAYS to Become GREAT at Passing!

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4 WAYS to Become GREAT at Passing!


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—— Intro ——

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What’s up, guys! Today we’ll show you a few exercises to help you improve your passing accuracy.

—— Wall Targets ——


Practice your passing accuracy with targets. Use existing spots on a wall, or place targets using duct tape. Pass to each of the three targets as accurately as you can.

Decide where you want to pass before you receive the ball.

Try to keep the ball moving quickly, hitting the targets with both your strong foot and your weak foot.

—— Trash Can ——

Practice passing the ball into a trash can or other large container.


Start near the container, then move farther away to practice longer passes. Compete with your friends to see who can pass the ball into the can from different distances and angles. Use different passing techniques and both your strong foot and your weak foot.

—— Passing with Partner ——

Practice with a partner using one-touch and two-touch passes. Start close together, [Graphic] then gradually increase the distance between each other. As you improve, increase the speed of your passes and use both your strong foot and your weak foot.

—— Passing with Gates ——


Use gates to improve your passing accuracy. Set up two sets of cones about ten yards apart, with each gate about one yard wide. With your first touch, move the ball outside your gate, then use your second touch to pass the ball through your partner’s gate. As you improve, increase the speed of your passes and use both your strong foot and your weak foot.

—— Conclusion ——

Alright guys we hope you liked that video…


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