Playin Soccer: 4 Very Simple Soccer Drills – Pass and Move – Shooting

Awesome Tip: 4 Very Simple Soccer Drills – Pass and Move – Shooting

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  1. Hey guys, just a very simple session! The basics are super important, so you should never overlook them. A session like this can be done with a partner. It's all about the repetitions and making sure you are doing it at game pace. Best of luck to you all and leave suggestions for future training sessions below!

  2. Love your videos! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Honestly the cone drill is a waste of time it confuses the human mind and when you get to a real game what’s the use of it

  4. This isn’t a training session suggestion but I was thinking, maybe you could make a funny/comedic video about things that get annoying while coaching (example would be getting emails from parents asking you things you already clarified in that same email) or just coaching stereotypes (such as the typical type of coach that yells at their players every second of the game)

  5. Deberías hacer un video hablando español

  6. Yo I’m a DA Player and I was wondering when should I reach out to coaches

  7. Great stuff as always, Coach! Do you have any team trainings for shooting or passing, etc.? I know you do a lot of individual training videos, which i love and have used for my individual training sessions. I know you coach a team, so wondering if you would share some insight into team training sessions? I coach 7th/8th grade girls. I know you have coached teams of similar ages in the past. Thanx for all you do! Keep sending em!

  8. Wow, in my opinion you should be having more views then you gettt like the content you put out is most of the time better then any other videos out there, they’re simple but are effective if you have the right mindset and to put the hard work to do the trainings keep up the good workkk

  9. What advice can you give to a player whose coach doesn't believe in them? I believe I play like Roberto Firmino ( maybe you know him) but my coach just makes fun of me… Not sure what to do…?

  10. Nice drills coach! Was wondering if maybe you could add an infographic of each drill with some voice over explaining the dimensions of the drills, what you want the player to get out of the drill, coaching points to look for etc. Wanna get the insight/pick your brain a little. These were all pretty straight forward but could be cool in future videos! Keep it up coach! Loving the consistency of the uploads

  11. Day in the life

  12. Great vid coach

  13. First

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