Playin Soccer: 4 EASY STEPS to Improve Your WEAK FOOT

Awesome Tip: 4 EASY STEPS to Improve Your WEAK FOOT

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4 EASY STEPS to Make Your WEAK FOOT STRONG. Improve your weak foot with these tips!


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    Want to improve your skills? Join our virtual academy right now!

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    I can't shoot with my week leg because I twisted my ankle

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    Pls subscribe my channel name Sharwin demon

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    You are a legend

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    How to knuckle the ball

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    Last one was easy for 2players football game

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    All attack. Why don't you open a football academy

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    With the plant foot I fractured my acl so don't just like over react the plant foot trust me

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    I tried it for a month or two and it didn’t do anything 🙁 u lied

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    can you do wing backs tips

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    How to receive high passes

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    Great tips

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    It is good that why I subscribed

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    How much a good goal finisher??
    Plz video

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    ya I started like a noob and now pro

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    Its very help full vidieo

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    I watch your videos mostly .
    I am realy impressed with these videos and I learn my tips to improve my game

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    Every time I watch all attack I love it

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