Playin Soccer: 3. DAYS. LEFT.

Awesome Tip: 3. DAYS. LEFT.

Preparations for Saturday’s Champions League clash with Napoli continued on another hot and steamy morning this Wednesday at the Ciutat Esportiva. Ronald Araujo and Ousmane Dembélé were able to join at least part of the session with the rest of the available players.


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  1. Reply

    Those who unliked is just mad

  2. Reply

    We did it against napoli then we want to did it against bayern

  3. Reply

    Guess what we won

  4. Reply

    I love you Barca..♥️♥️ you made it.. Please prepare well for the next match..

  5. Reply

    Messi up

  6. Reply

    C'mon Barca, we can do this up Barca uuuuuuuup

  7. Reply

    Bartomeu out!

  8. Reply

    They mean 3 days left after the money problems they used all tgeir money on ter stegens contract

  9. Reply

    There are second legs

  10. Reply

    On the thumpnail he seemed like he went to a SS

  11. Reply

    Hope Messi doesn't go too deep and play his natural magical game

  12. Reply

    Hope we win

  13. Reply

    Visca barća visca Catalunya

  14. Reply

    Vamos com tudo barça

  15. Reply

    give this post a thump up barce fans if you observed that in 1:48 the youngs guns finished the test first before the old guys. we havw to use our youngs players,i have had it wit this old guys, they helped us in the past but now is time to go.

  16. Reply

    Me:HI IVAN

    • AvG
    • February 18, 2021

    Barca Barca Barca…

  17. Reply

    Guys its just 4 games and you can do a hisotry!!! Just do it

  18. Reply

    Who's the player at 1:53 putting that training t-shirt??

  19. Desmurestre lo que valen adarle nomas Luchen Messi dale con todo

  20. Adarle Messi Y Grisman y Luis Saurez y vidal adarle todo el equipo

  21. Tiene Que Luchar con todo demuestre el equipo que son tiene jugadores para ganar vamos

  22. Vamos fc barcelona adarle la pela asta final

  23. Reply

    What time is the match I forgot

  24. Vamos con todo aganar se adicho

  25. Aderle con todo son un equipo unido aluchar se adicho asta el final saludos desde chile vamos que puede Luchen asta final suden si es necesario sacrifiquese

  26. Vamos fc barcelona Den la pela asta el final tiene que Luchar y sudar para ganar La chanpnons

  27. Reply

    I know this team will surprise everyone. Because as a Barcelona fan, I believe in this guy's when it matters most. Let do this Messi. Lead your guy's to the battle field and bring us the win.

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