Playin Soccer: 200 IQ Free Kicks

Awesome Tip: 200 IQ Free Kicks

These are some the cheekiest and most intelligent free kick routines in football history.

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  1. Reply

    2:18 The referee must wait until the goalkeeper set ist wall and until he's ready

  2. Reply

    yeah, great time without var

  3. Reply

    5:23 the best

  4. Reply

    I like that you included women's football in this!

  5. 5:37 Is The BEST FREE KICK

  6. Reply

    20% setup 80% finishing

  7. Reply

    Red Star Belgrad ist the best idemo

  8. Reply

    Great vid. I'm wondering if you can help me find a free kick I remember seeing like 15 years ago, where all the attacking players were in the box jumping around before the free kick was taken, pretending to expect a cross, but this was just a ruse to lure the goal keeper out. It worked and the free kick taker neatly slotted it in the top corner from a tight angle.
    I think it might have been Liverpool playing in Europe but I've tried finding it a few times and never found it. Thanks!

  9. Reply

    5:36 how did free kicks come inside penalty box

  10. Reply

    1:39 98 world cup, Argentina, Zaneti

  11. Reply

    i Love Hearing the fans

  12. Reply

    4.24…the ref clearly was a oart of the plan of quick free kick

  13. Reply

    sorry but 4:40 is an illegal move, you cant start a freekick like that. I am surprised they let that stand

  14. Reply

    How have you done this and not put Joe Bryan Playoffs freekick against Brentford?!

  15. Reply

    John Fleck for Sheffield United against Sheffield Wednesday is a certainty for your next free kick video, surely?!

  16. Reply

    1:38 what a free chick chips to pass

  17. Reply

    That's why its called The beautiful game

  18. Reply

    What's the title of your intro song?

  19. Reply

    Most of them look like out of a video game

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