Playin Soccer: 200 IQ Corner Kicks

Awesome Tip: 200 IQ Corner Kicks

When you think of the beautiful game, you rarely think of corner kicks. But there are ways to make them beautiful. In this video, we look at the most genius ways of taking corner kicks in football. Produced by Score 90.

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Score 90 is a Swedish football brand, founded by Filip Hennig in 2017. We produce some of the most entertaining content on YouTube and various other social media platforms. Feel free to contact us on [email protected]

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  1. Reply

    The liverpool vs barca corner is the best.

  2. Reply

    what is the name of the music

  3. Reply

    2:27 was the best

  4. Reply

    Socore90 fulllll momentos forever

  5. Reply

    Who for a second thought that they're devices' charge is low at 0:45

  6. Reply


  7. Reply

    Half of these are just ordinary corner kicks that happened to end up with a goal.

  8. Reply

    i honestly don't understand why more corners and free kicks aren't worked routines like this. Obviously it won't always go to plan and teams will catch on as you do it more but the conversion rate will probably still be higher than the conversion rate on the standard corners which is abysmally low. Mixing up free kicks as well makes the wall less likely to be stable if your team has a habit of doing some fancy routine where someone will have to break from the wall to follow a runner

  9. Reply

    2:25 best one

  10. Reply


  11. Reply

    The worried statement sporadically watch because session speculatively support aboard a soggy detail. truculent, noiseless carrot

  12. Reply

    I’m a Youtuber

  13. Reply

    siapa dari malaysia

    like sikit

  14. Reply

    0:40 most beautiful assists ever

  15. Reply

    Liverpool with the greatest comeback ever

  16. Reply

    The title should be changed to 200 IQ Corner Kick Goals

    • Eman
    • February 3, 2021

    Not watched this yet but I assume tents corner is here

  17. Reply

    Timo Werner enters

  18. Reply

    Muller corner Kick: "Hold my Hamburger"

  19. Reply

    Did u know tamil language from india go and know

  20. Reply

    Port valeee

  21. Reply

    90% of them are from corners.

  22. Reply

    Plz tell his intro song i just love it

  23. Reply


    Steam Phunk – Feelings

  24. Reply

    4:34 bislang das erste richtige Eckball-Tor

  25. Reply

    Liverpool Fans only came to see Trent's corner

  26. Reply

    back ground music ???

  27. Reply

    Literally every corner kick in fifa

  28. Reply

    Corner taking quickly

    • Pham
    • February 3, 2021

    Trents is still the best

  29. Reply

    My fav football edit channel..❤❤
    Keep making more amazing stuff like this..

  30. Reply

    patrze patrze a tu GieKSa

  31. Reply

    Gks katowice :O

  32. Reply

    About to watch this but had to comment. No football player has an IQ anywhere near that, or they would get a proper job!

  33. Reply


  34. Reply

    0:40 WOW ZIDANE ❤️

  35. Reply

    Messi – 200qi ? Not compatibilty

  36. Reply

    1:51 Twist: He was playing FIFA

  37. Reply

    Hey where is ziyech and kross corner gol?!!

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