Playin Soccer: 1v1+2GK with 1 Offensive Joker

Awesome Tip: 1v1+2GK with 1 Offensive Joker

1v1+2GK with 1 Offensive Joker

Attack: attacking quickly deep into opponent’s half
Defence: defending quickly in the centre

15m x 40m.

2 goals on a reduced-size pitch, 2 teams facing each other, 1 with a ball and the other without + 1 offensive joker between the two teams. Pass to offensive joker who flicks the balls on to the right or left + duel for scoring. The player who touches the ball first chooses which goal he attacks.

Use dynamic footwork. React by passing in front of the opponent or stepping aside depending on his position. Feint to shoot. Sprint to join the opposite line.


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