Playin Soccer: 15 SKILL MOVES in 10 Minutes! 10 Minute Skills Workout

Awesome Tip: 15 SKILL MOVES in 10 Minutes! 10 Minute Skills Workout

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    Want to improve your skills? Join our virtual academy right now!

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    All attack When you make trailers at starting I laugh but it looks cool

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    The video is good, the skills chose are also great. I don't see a difference between the elastico and speed elastic…Also, I see a lack of intensity that will not make people want to work. Megs are an innaccurate drill in this case beecause its not a in game senario like the other drills. Great vid, higher the intensity to make people want to work!

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    What's the name of the songs

  5. Reply

    Thank you bro your skill I was win my match

  6. Reply

    My skills have improved since I started watching all attack

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    Sir thanks for the video sir please make more training videos love you from INDIA ❤️ I like it you make very good videos

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    All attack… love he videos for my son! Can you do more 30 second work outs like these??

  9. Reply

    Very helpful video as always ❤

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    What's the difference between freestyler or professional footballer

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    Do how to boot a ball very high far away

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    Great Video…. Love From Kashmir….. Super super n super

  13. Reply

    Love from Kashmir India

  14. Reply

    5:04 the shadow of the cameraman

  15. Reply

    Can u teach spinning ball in finger

  16. Reply

    I am from Tamil Nadu I learned many things from your channel now I become best in football

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    Wow!! This is so awesome brother keep doing the good work I have learnt a lot since subscribing to your channel awesome keep it up

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    Tip:don't forget to train both feet so u can do these skills in every situation even if the ball isn't atvypur strong foot

  19. Reply

    I want to learn these skills

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    This music makes me cringe but i still love your videos , they help a lot

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    nice bro

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