Playin Soccer: 15 INSANE Skill Moves to DESTROY Defenders

Awesome Tip: 15 INSANE Skill Moves to DESTROY Defenders

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Learn 15 Insane skill moves to destroy defenders! Learn the rainbow, double elastico, fake rabona and more!


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    Want to improve your skills? Join our virtual academy right now!

  2. Reply

    My favorite channel

  3. Reply

    Fake Rabona Best Skill

  4. Reply


  5. Reply

    Toes:hey wat? Feet: lets go!

  6. Reply

    Me a midfielder watching this

  7. Reply

    2:17 cuauhtemiña

  8. Reply

    Did they trip?

  9. Reply

    Wow nice

  10. Reply

    Finally I did it

  11. Reply

    play for kerala blasters

  12. Reply


  13. Reply

    Pies uploaded ecii sekil

  14. Reply

    The first on was a naymar rocket

  15. Reply

    POV : your a defender watching this because u suck

  16. Reply

    My coaches say that I am very talented that i am built like an athlete that i am fast and strong so i wanna learn to do skills so i am a complete striker

  17. Reply

    If u master the drag n step than u dont need half of the skills

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    I tricked my dad with these tricks!

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    I am a left winger i love this video

  22. Reply

    Sir I am Taran jeet from India this really helps me after practice but this is true that we forgot to use skills in ground .You are very good player

  23. Reply

    Me, a defender watching this: there is a red spy in the base

  24. Reply

    Thank you

  25. Reply

    Nice vid 🙂

  26. Reply

    I finally learned the rainbow I mean it took me a year but it pays off

  27. Reply

    Neymar is the only legend

  28. Reply

    0:49 foul!!!!

  29. Reply

    Fai treino de dribles

  30. Reply

    I love all attack it help's me with my football skills

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  32. Reply

    But I forgot on playing

  33. Reply

    No se llama blanco, se llama cuahutemiña

  34. Reply

    The 900 dislikes are from the defenders that got schooled

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