Playin Soccer: 15 EASY WAYS to Play Football AT HOME

Awesome Tip: 15 EASY WAYS to Play Football AT HOME

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These are 15 Ways to play soccer at home. Football never stops on AllAttack!


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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    Want to improve your skills? Join our virtual academy right now!

  2. Reply

    i was waiting for him to kick it

  3. Reply

    i will sub cause this funny to me

  4. Reply

    Thanks I built my own pitch at home

  5. Reply

    1:46 ummmm cutee

  6. Reply

    Fun fact -80% of the viewers are football fan

  7. Reply

    I always played football inside before I saw this video and I still do play football inside. But I also play outside too.

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  9. Reply

    Me: Nutmegs The Chair And Hit One Of The Legs
    The Chair: LEG BREAKS
    The Chair Again:FOOUULLL
    Mom: Red Card
    Last Thing You Heard From Me Is:*OUCH*

  10. Reply

    Dog be like:
    Ooh, My trainer is trainer of messi.

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    Thanks for the football skills, I will try them

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    Ldn MOVEMENTS vs all attack

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    I am training how to play football this year i really enjoyed the video thank you this teaches me faster then other video’s

  14. Reply

    Is a mini soccer ball okay for indoors?

  15. Reply

    I want a Dog

  16. Reply

    pls make a video on skill of ibrahimovic

  17. Reply

    I always play at home everyday

  18. Reply

    please make video in Hindi

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    Nomas me falta el balon ._.

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    Are you a coach so please teach me but i know you cannot teach me because I am there in space right now

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    What of u dont have a ball

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  23. I liked yur all video

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    Malayali undo

  25. Reply

    the dislikes are all from the strict mum's

  26. Reply

    i love the balloon guy flapin’ around

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    Please brother, I love football, but when I play in the defense center, I play with fear of losing the ball, what should I do

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    Does Episoketren System really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Episoketren System. But Im not sure if it is good enough to increase your soccer technique.

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    I am getting better and better every time thank you

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    You 're dog is really a good defender

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    At 5:57 it’s very funny

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