Playin Soccer: 11 BEST Juggling Skills to Impress Your Friends

Awesome Tip: 11 BEST Juggling Skills to Impress Your Friends

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Learn these juggling and freestyle tricks! Impress your friends with these crazy skills you learned on AllAttack.


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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    I like how he breaks it down thx bro it helps

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    I agreee

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    Please, Make more videos on Skills

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    Hey guys can you check out the video on my channel. It would mean a lot because its not a random gaming channel I went outside and got dizzy for 30 minutes straight lol 🙁

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    Muchas gracias! Muy buenos tus videos!

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    Sir please come online in YouTube

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    In Jamaica we call 2 around the world

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    4:03 is the best one

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    The best one 1:09

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    Why does you try play for some clubs

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