Playin Soccer: ▶️ 100×100 TITO: Official Trailer | 'TITO'S MASTERPIECE'

Awesome Tip: ▶️ 100×100 TITO: Official Trailer | 'TITO'S MASTERPIECE'

Coming soon on Barça TV +, the documentary about the FC Barcelona coach who passed away in 2014. The leader of the legendary 100-point league season is remembered by players, managers, friends and his family.


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  1. Reply

    RIP Title Vilanova

  2. Reply

    Tito ❤️

    • S D
    • February 1, 2021

    All right is due to the failed administration that made this European giant suffer such torment

  3. Reply

    Goosebumps while watching this…

  4. Reply

    You know what's sad? There are some trolls mocking Barca fans in this comment section of a video that pays tribute one of our deceased manager. Smh

  5. Reply

    Tito siempre con nosotros ❤️

  6. Reply

    Love u Tito 🙁

  7. Reply

    Tito, Johan, Pep, Luis, The legendary coaches
    RIP Tito

  8. Reply

    RIP tito

  9. Reply


  10. Reply

    But you guys are a great team

  11. Reply

    You wouldn’t win vs juve would you 😉

  12. Reply

    Meu cú

  13. Reply

    Y ahora ni siquiera sonríe Messi se va :v

  14. Reply

    Who else watched this trailer more than once?

  15. Reply

    RIP Tito

  16. Reply

    جيبو ريال تبريد

  17. Reply

    Messi don't leav remember what she say Titto

  18. Reply

    Tito is one of greatest coach in football

  19. Reply

    Siempre un cule! Lo triste es que ningun DT a tenido la misma pasion que tenias al futbol y es una tristeza lo que hace el cancer pero siempre tu memoria seguira viva en cada corazon cule!

  20. Reply

    may his soul R.I.P…

  21. Reply

    4-1 4-0 8-2

  22. Reply

    Please Buy Neymar And Mbappe

  23. Reply

    tito always in my hearts

  24. Reply

    Tito you will stay in our hearts forever♡♡.

  25. Forca Barca, Messi King

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