Playin Soccer: 10 GREAT WAYS to CONTROL a Ball in the Air

Awesome Tip: 10 GREAT WAYS to CONTROL a Ball in the Air

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10 Great WAYS to CONTROL a Ball in the Air in Soccer or Football. Learn these simple and easy ways to control the ball out of the air.

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These are 10 techniques you can use control a ball in the air.

Top of foot

This technique is typically used to control balls that are coming from high in the air. The top of your foot provides a nice flat surface to cushion the ball.

Inside of foot

The inside of your foot is often used control balls that come at a flatter trajectory, but with practice, you can also use it to control long high passes.

Outside of foot

The outside of your foot is useful if you want your first touch to go past a defender. Use the outside of your foot right as the ball hits the ground. This will surprise your opponent, put the ball on the ground, and take you in a different direction.

Lift Behind

When the ball is to the side of you, at an awkward height, lift your foot up behind you and use the outside of your foot to control the ball.


The chest is used to control balls that are too high for your lower body. As the ball hits you, move your body backward to soften the blow.

Chest or Shoulder pass

Sometimes the best option is a one touch pass. As the ball hits your chest, quickly move one shoulder in the direction you want to pass the ball.


Although not the most effective technique, sometimes a pass is behind you, leaving you no choice but use your back.

You can let the ball bounce forward off the top of your back, or try and touch the ball in a different direction.


For balls that are too high for even your chest, use your forehead to cushion the ball.


Traditionally used to control longer and higher passes, the thigh provides extra cushion for the ball, making it one of the easier techniques.

Underside of Foot

If you want to keep the ball as close to you as possible, use the underside of your foot to stop the ball, right as it hits the ground.


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