Playin Soccer: 10 EASY Ways to Protect the Ball in REAL GAMES

Awesome Tip: 10 EASY Ways to Protect the Ball in REAL GAMES


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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    Bhai ball ko kese udake martehne

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    This is the best football channel i wish you get 5 million

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    Important skill during the game, thanks for the great video

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    Best channel to know football skills

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    Sir can i play with glasses

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    Cool video

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    How you edit your video please tell I am big fan off you ..Bhiya please

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    Gracias pa <3

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    I want to be a footballer and I am hard working to play footbal in isl ( Indian super league )

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    Football is best game.

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    plz tell me that how can i control the game alone like cr7

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    You take a vlog Malayalam

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    Thanks A Lot "ALL ATTACK". Your Simple Techniques are Awesome……. Love & Respect From Bangladesh

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    A video of knuckleball of Ronaldo please, I've learnt a lot after watching your videos, Thank you so much and by the way, love from India. Me and my team practice while watching your videos.

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    Another 1v1 skill

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    How to defend

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    It's amazing how AllAttack shows real game situations

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    Make videos & playlist for defender please

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    Bicycle kick or perfect header ka tutorial chahye

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    Bhai AP bicycle kick ka tutorial ki vidio banao jaldi

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    Bro pls give a knuckleball tutorial

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    How to cross like hakim ziyech please

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    I wanna Know Who Actually Tried These skills in reallife

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    I don’t really watch football vloggers’ videos much but All Attack is the one I always watch as it teaches skills and mentality that are quite useful and improve my game a lot. A big thumb up, vamos

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    Man this is goo

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    thanks for your help

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    Son los mejores,sigan así!⚽

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    i love this channel but the first trick is ineffective, rather is bad. if u do the leg over in that position… if u see properly, u can see that if the defender acts fast enough the ball will be lost. because by doing a leg over u create a situation where bot feet of the attacker in one side and the ball can be freely tapped upon if u do not cover it fat enough.

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    Fan tastic !

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    Please make a video on heading!

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    0:20 stepover to protect
    1:02 dribble backward
    2:06 letting the ball roll
    2:48 the underfoot stop
    3:31 first touch to set up pass
    4:08 sheild for a teammate
    4:51 foot on top of the ball
    5:35 receive ball with backleg
    6:17 understand when to first time pass
    6:53 be unpredictable


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