Playin Soccer: 10 Best Gifts For A Footballer/Soccer Player or Coach! Holiday Gift Guide 2020!

Awesome Tip: 10 Best Gifts For A Footballer/Soccer Player or Coach! Holiday Gift Guide 2020!

List of products in the video:
1. Replica World Cup Trophy

2. Blazepods: (Use my link for a discount)

3. Playr GPS Tracker:

4. NL Tactical Board:

5. Hypervolt Massage Gun:

6. Adidas Gloves:

7. Mini Notebook:

8. Champion Grind Grip Socks: Use my code JAVI10 for a 10% discount and to get a pair free!

9. Fox 40 Pearl:

10. Adidas Slides:

Get 10% off Champion Grind Apparel with my code JAVI10

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    I know I'm really late on this, but here it is. Go and get your favorite footballer/coach some gifts!

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    I’m getting that WC trophy as a present for myself. Lol

    • FB FL
    • February 15, 2021

    Aye just discovered your channel watched two videos and I’m in love keep up the great work. Question : anything you wish you did more as a younger player

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    I just bought the BlazePods. I can’t wait to use them!

  4. Reply

    Will the socks improve my game?

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    Coach Javi, i don’t normally say this to any coach but I really hope to be like you one day. I’m currently playing college soccer but i really hope to coach after it and hopefully start my own brand and YouTube channel. I’ll been coaching a team of my age 18-25 for leagues and really hope you could follow my Instagram and teams Instagram to maybe give me any tips about it.
    Personal Instagram- adanquintana10
    Team I coach – wolvesfc_20
    Please that would mean so much that you could help me start in the right path! Take care!

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    I have that WC Trophy and love it … but I haven't been able to find the womens WC trophy … have u had any luck on that?

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    Just ordered some socks

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    Love the T-shirt

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    Hey coach why you shave your moustaches

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    Absolutely love that tactical board and just so happen to need a new one for the upcoming season! Perfect idea…

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    I am from India and I watch all video but I understand something but I am your big fan

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