Playin Soccer: 10 AMAZING PASSING SKILLS to Learn

Awesome Tip: 10 AMAZING PASSING SKILLS to Learn

Learn 10 amazing passing skills for Soccer or Football!


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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  1. Reply

    Which pass is the most challenging?

  2. Reply

    Your voice is just like cris evans
    Anyone who just feel that like

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    Immense respect from India Kerala all skills are very crazy

  5. Reply

    Now I’m famous i my club bc of you

  6. Reply

    after the vidoi give a recape of all the skill after the vidio

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    This football buy link

  8. Reply

    ronaldo skill par video bnaye

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  11. Reply

    What is the opponent is fast

  12. Reply

    In java this is "pesing" (perfect passing) 🙂

  13. We need tiktako or short passes

  14. Reply

    Нечего не понял, но было интересно

  15. Reply

    I swear I can’t rabona with power to save my life

  16. Reply

    I love the no look pass

  17. Reply

    Brother, Thank you, your videos made me play soccer much better

  18. Reply

    Cool video.

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    The "mbappe flick" happens better when you hit the ball with you heel at the end( more power and accuracy)

  20. Reply

    The MBAPPE flick is also use by Firmino

  21. Reply

    this isamazing

  22. Reply

    My Favorites:
    Rabona 0:22
    The Mbappé Flick 1:46
    Off Back Leg 3:57

  23. υѕєℓєѕѕ тяι¢кѕ

  24. Reply

    All the video in all attack I love it

  25. Reply

    All the video in all attack I love it

  26. Reply

    3:32 Was waiting for Thiago Alcantara

  27. Reply

    Marcelo flick not mbappe

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