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Find a Job in Major League Soccer – 7 Skills That Are Needed to Work in Sports

Finding a job in the sports industry can be a challenging experience. To better understand what employers are looking for, here are 7 skills that are required: communication, organizational, interpersonal, flexible hours, enthusiastic, computer skills and a college degree.

Players Communicating During a Soccer Game

The backbone to any soccer team is communication. It doesn’t matter if your team has the best skills and the strongest players. If you do not have clear communication amongst the players on the field, your team will fall apart. Every team must have a pre-selected vocabulary that all the players understand. Your team must train using this vocabulary at every training session in order to make its second nature. And finally with communication, players must learn to use more energy when communicating with a player.

Manchester United Look Destined to Win the Premier League

Man Utd look destined to secure their third straight premier league title after opening a 7 point lead over Chelsea and Liverpool with a game in hand after the weekends results. Manchester’s title hopes took a large boost when main title rivals Liverpool suffered a shock 2-0 loss to Middlesborough at the Riverside Stadium on the weekend. The loss means with Manchester’s game in hand they could possibly extend their lead to 10 points over Chelsea and Liverpool with 11 games remaining.

Exploring the World of Scottish Football

Any fan of football owes it to themselves to visit the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Hampden is the spiritual home of Scottish football and a fitting venue for a 5 star museum devoted to the world’s favourite sport. Here, football fans both serious and casual can learn about not only how the Scottish game developed, but also how the modern game came into being, as it was in Scotland that the seeds of the game we know today were sown.

Soccer Cleats – Basic Variations and What to Look For

Today you can find everything from bright orange soccer cleats to soccer cleats with rubberized fins molded to the top of the shoe to put more spin on the ball when you kick it. Still, the basic structure of soccer cleats comes down to the playing surface they are designed for; soft ground, hard ground or firm ground.

A-League Grand Final Preview

The biggest day in Australian football is finally here. After a long and arduous A-League season Melbourne host Adelaide in the Grand Final tomorrow. This rivalry is as big as, if not bigger than the Sydney FC V Melbourne rivalry, and no matter what happens, this Grand Final is bound to be a fiery encounter.

When Football Raises Passions – Barca Vs Real Madrid

Football is for many people much more than sport. This has become the most popular game on the planet, with nearly 270 million people participating in one way or another. In Spain, soccer moves astronomical amounts of money on advertising alone, with Barca and Real Madrid with the most capital invested in promotion. In addition, these two clubs have the most followers. Even their players have become media stars just like singers and actors.

Football Photos Elevate Players to Heroes

The history of football is littered with heroes, but what makes a true hero? Is it sporting brilliance or is there another x factor that turns people into heroes of a generation or even longer.

Soccer Fitness Training – How to Get Ahead of the Competition

Soccer fitness training is one of the most important areas of your game that needs special attention if a player is to play at their optimum level. Specific soccer fitness training can improve your game immensely to allow players to play at the highest level.

UEFA Champions League – Round of Sixteen Preview

The Champions League is back after a two month absence. It is only the round of sixteen, yet some of the match ups which will be on show are absolutely mouthwatering. Giants of the game will clash and some big names will be eliminated.

3 Soccer Warm Up Drills For Kids

Believe it or not even young kids participating in soccer need to warm up. Most young players could get away with not warming up but its good practice to get them to warm up. By creating a structured training session you allow the kids to pick up good habits that will inevitably stay with them for the length of their soccer career.

Italia Serie A Soccer – AC Milan Lost Another Key Game

The 17-time champion of the Italian Serie A, the AC Milan, lost again another important game in the Italian Serie A after, being defeated for team Sampdoria 2-1 on Sunday. With this defeat, AC Milan is getting away from the top team Inter Milan, who has now 60 points.

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