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Football Kit – Colours and Superstitions

Football kit is a serious matter. Obviously, kit quality is key – must be breathable, durable, comfortable etc… But, have you considered whether your football kit is the right colour? What you wear and how you wear it can make a difference to your team performance!

FIFA World Cup 2010 on You PC – Time to Start Preparing

No soccer or football lover is ignorant of the historic event in South Africa come June 2010. One of the world’s greatest sports that pulls crowd from all the ends, this turn, will be in Africa. Will you travel to South Africa?

The New Wembley Stadium – Home to English Football

For any soccer fan, a visit to the new Wembley Stadium is a must. Not only is it one of the world’s most outstanding modern stadiums, but is host to the best of English football and features a veritable ‘footie-fest’ of the nation’s leading cup finals and Football League play-offs every season. The Football Association – the sport’s governing body – is planning a 12million pounds move of its administrative headquarters from Soho Square to the new Stadium during July 2009.

The Chelsea Shirt – One Hundred and Four Years of History

Chelsea Football Club, affectionately nicknamed “The Blues” are a professional football club in England. They play in the elite Premiership and are one of the most successful teams in the history of English football. They have been English League Champions three times and have won the FA cup on four occasions.

The History of Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is a name that every football fan will be familiar with. The brand new stadium is located on the same spot as the old one, which was originally opened in 1923. As you would expect, both versions had their own nicknames by which they are commonly referred to.

Look Forward to the Champions League Final

As the European football season prepares for a tantalising finale, all supporters dreams turn to their team holding aloft the Champions League trophy into a Rome night sky. But, it is important to plan to attend such events well in advance.

The Liverpool Shirt Then and Now

This article provides a brief history of the shirt worn by the famous Liverpool F.C. From the club’s surprising early years to the Premiership giants of today, the kit worn by the players defines the team as much as the stadium in which they play.

Buying Tickets For the 2010 World Cup

The 2010 World Cup will be held in South Africa. Tickets are already on sale (they became available in February 2009) and will likely be snatched up long before the actual game dates. In order to get your own ticket to see the world soccer champions playing, you’ll need to get started right now.

Affordable Soccer Balls

Selecting the right soccer ball boils down to choosing the size and construction of the ball based on the player’s age and league requirements. The younger the player, the smaller the ball in most cases. Cost is also a big factor in selecting the correct soccer ball. Synthetic-leather balls are the most expensive and basic rubber-type soccer balls cost the least. Leather is no longer the favorite choice of soccer ball coverings because leather absorbs more moisture than synthetic soccer balls. A wet leather ball gets heavier over time and becomes much slower in play.

5 Tips That You Really Need to Become a Freestyle Soccer Player

Are you curious about freestyle soccer? Need a way to start your freestyle journey? Find out the 5 tips that you’ll need to get a head start.

How to Predict the Outcome of a Soccer Match

There are some people who are very good at predicting the outcome of sporting events. Professional gamblers can do it and can make a good living from it. Team managers to some extent need to do this in order to plan a team’s season, knowing which games to focus on and which ones to leave more to hope.

Coach Youth Soccer – Allow Your Players to Fail

Making bad decisions is a part of youth soccer. You are teaching a group of kids how to play a game that is always changing, and they will have to make split second decisions. If they do not feel safe making those decision they may hesitate, which could cost your team the game.

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