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Prevention of Injuries

The soccer game at the youth level is becoming an important social phenomenon. It is fundamental that soccer coaches take action, before it gets worse, on education the young soccer players on injury prevention and allow them to grow to their fullest potential.

Small Sided Games – Is it Better?

The activities in the youth sector, 10 – 12 years of age, have as the main objectives the teaching of all individual abilities that represent the fundamental base of the game of soccer. The individual abilities are what we call, the technical fundamentals, the individual tactical fundamentals and the techniques of the players represent the fundamental base of the game of soccer for the youth soccer players.

Defensive Aspects of a Player

In the modern game of soccer, the defender is not only the player who covers all the roles on the defensive side. The player or the players who are not in possession of the ball should also be considered defenders. One of the simple rule to make young players understand who is the defender on the field at any given time is to explain that the player that is the “closest” to the ball is a defender. He is the one who needs to pressure the ball first.

Why Don’t Liverpool FC Stars Shine for England?

The answer to this is so obvious that nobody dares mention it. Everyone knows it deep down but simply cannot admit it and clutch on straws and fire managers to find any other excuses. It reminds me of a famous Liverpool supporters banner seen at a European away game. It said ‘We’re not English, but Scouse’.

Do Not Fire Rafa

All this talk of firing Rafa is ridiculous and makes me extremely angry. What he has done is nothing short of miraculous. Lets examine and analyze what he has managed to achieve in his time at Liverpool, and why I feel it will be a catastrophe to let him go.

Champions League

If Liverpool did not win tonight they would have been out, Celtic had to win to keep their hopes alive, AC Milan the holders are almost through. Find out how they fared as well as other teams tonight by reading on.

Workouts to Get Ready for Your Season

I don’t know about you, but I am about a month away from my season tryout for high school, and it’s about time to begin conditioning. As we all know soccer requires a great amount of running and fitness, so I will outline several things you can do to get ready.

Champions League on Tuesday Review

The champions league started in Moscow where CSKA Moscow took on PSV in a Group G match hoping to salvage some pride following a horrendous campaign by ending their home matches on a high. But it was not to be as PSV kept up their qualifying hopes alive by winning a poor match with a first half goal from Jefferson Farfan header.

UK Soccer Fans Never Swap Clubs

In the UK it is easier to get a divorce, change your religion, or commit identity fraud than it is to change the football club you support. Those who swap clubs risk being ostracised by their family and friends, banned from family gatherings, insulted at work and risk possible physical violence from fellow supporters.

FC Barcelona Player Profiles – Eric Abidal

Eric Abidal was signed in the summer of 2007 as a replacement for Gio. A natural left back, Abidal can also play as a centre back when necessary, combining skill, positioning and tactical awareness and his runs up the wing to support forward players are almost legendary.

Do The International Breaks Benefit Or Damage Liverpool FC

The international break in England has caused much debate among football enthusiasts. Are we overplaying our stars or is it part and parcel of the international modern day game?

La Liga Review – November 26, 2007

Barcelona get back to winning ways, Valencia lose again, Real Madrid are unimpressive against Real Murcia. Just some of the happenings in Spain this weekend…

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