DANI ALVES freestyles at Camp Nou during his PRESENTATION! 🤪💙❤️

The End of Barcelona’s Era?

The magical days of Barcelona are over. From a Barca’s fan perspective.

Brazil WC 2014 Teams

The World Cup of 2014 will take place in Brazil and have 32 teams contend for the title of World Champions and all the fame and prestige that comes with it. The 32-nation format has been in effect since WC 1998 in France, bringing about an increased level of intensity and attention ever since. Will we get to once again witness the wild upsets which characterized many matches during the previous four tournaments?

Coaching Youth Soccer? Here Is the Key to a Happy, Successful Soccer Team

Effective coaching of youth soccer teams can be daunting to new soccer coaches and even seasoned coaching pros have their moments. It is not an easy task to get a bunch of wild kids to play in harmony without having a nervous breakdown, never mind putting together a winning team. Here are some pointers from a seasoned youth soccer coach that may help.

Soccer – Ticket Pricing And Why 20 Pounds Is Plenty

Are you a soccer season ticket holder in the UK? What do you think of the pricing schemes?

Manchester United Are Back in Business

Manchester United did not have a perfect start to the current Premier League campaign. David Moyes took over from the departing Alex Ferguson and faced an unenviable challenge of meeting the pressure of high expectation. The team lost three games of their initial eight and the former Everton manager’s critics began to sharpen their knives. The Red Devils were clearly imploding and after they had fallen to eighth place on the points table, the naysayers began to question their credentials and some even stressed that mid-table was where United really belonged.

Barnsley FC – Neil Redfearn, A Midfield General

Arguably Barnsley’s most influential and talented footballer, Neil Redfearn was instrumental in helping the Tykes achieve promotion to the English Premier League in 1997.

Sheffield – A Football Rivalry

Sheffied FC are the oldest soccer club in the World. The other teams in Sheffield – Wednesday and United are one of the bitterest rivals in soccer. The Sheffield derby may not have the glam and glitz as the Milan derby but ask anyone in South Yorkshire their thoughts on it and they will tell you that it is anything other than friendly.

Why Major League Soccer Might Be More Popular Than The NFL In 30 Years

This article analyzes the growth of Major League Soccer in the past few years and compares the leagues growth to that of the NFL. It also provides insight into whether or not soccer in America can become as big as football.

The Shocking Truth About Winning In Youth Soccer

Winning is everything, isn’t it? No actually, especially not in youth soccer. This article details the truth about winning and the more important issues coaches should be focusing on instead of winning at all costs…

Will Messi Win the World Cup?

Messi is breaking all kinds of world records with the Barcelona shirt. If he will be able to win the world cup he will be a serious candidate for the title of the best player ever.

5 Soccer Coaching Secrets Every Parent Coach Should Know

What are the secrets of soccer coaching for parents? This article explains five of the biggest secrets you probably don’t yet know.

What Wayne Rooney Can Teach Kids About Playing in Different Soccer Positions

Soccer superstar Wayne Rooney admitted he almost left Manchester United because he was being played out of his normal position. This article details the benefits to young players of playing in different positions.

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