Soccer in the United States – Why Its Athletes Should Be Given More Respect

Soccer is a way of life for me, and I may be bias when I say some of these things, but hopefully it will give some of those non-soccer fans a better understanding of why we deserve some more credit for the game we love and play. As a soccer player, I know that the sport, as well as its athletes, can be belittled, or even forgotten at times. Usually people are more concerned with baseball, basketball, or of course, football.

Firing of Hughes and Di Matteo Proves Urgency and Change Are Favoured Over Patience and Loyalty

With the high profile sackings of both Chelsea and QPR managers we are further reminded of the lack of patience at the highest levels of club football in the modern era. More than ever, football is a results business where what you’ve done last year, and even last month is completely forgotten by club ownership. There is simply too much at stake and thus there is precious little room for patience. This is evident in the cases of Roberto Di Matteo and Mark Hughes whom were both fired last week in completely different football environments.

United Is On First Place Since Chelsea Restrained City

On Saturday the Rangers travelled north to face the Red Devils at the Old Trafford, where as expected the hosts win, and not so much that they had to bear a goal from the visitors. At 51 minutes of the match, QPR opened the scoreboard with a close range shot from Jamie Mackie, not too elaborated, still as exciting for the Londoners as if it would’ve, for it raised hopes of a first triumph for the club. Because until now the Rangers have only reach 4 ties and suffered 9 fatal defeats, which have put them on the bottom of the table, in urgent need of a miracle to leave the relegation…

On Being a Fan – Why I Love West Bromwich Albion

I don’t really remember when I first became aware of football as a kid. It was just always there.

Kagawa: Continuing The Manchester Tradition Of Glory

Since his 17-million pound transfer deal from Borussia Dortmund last June, Shinji Kagawa has made an incredibly impressive start at the Old Trafford. From being the Player of the Month in August and showing his full array of arsenals during the pre-season friendlies, Kagawa is surely primed to keep his level of play up throughout the entire Premier League season.

Top Five Spanish Coaches According to Football Fans’ Voting

Article depicts facts and achievements of the best five football managers according to the international supporters’ opinion. Managers were ranked by the number of fans’ voices on the international public football rankings website.

The David Beckham Debate: Did He Live Up to Expectations in the MLS and Where Is He Going Next?

There is great debate over whether the David Beckham experiment in the MLS has worked. From this corner, there is little to debate. It has been a wild success and those that would argue otherwise had expectations that were unrealistic. Those that would argue against him may have been working on the premise that success from the Beckham experiment must mean an improved level of football on the levels of the top five leagues in Europe. That was never going to happen, but so much else did happen as a direct result of Beckham’s time in LA.

10 Tips for Soccer Parents to Offer Their Soccer Kids

In this article for soccer parents, I will introduce you to 10 tips that will help your child become the best footballer they can be. Many kids practise their on-field skills but do they train their minds to succeed?

Why Free Betting Expert Advice Might Fail In The Long Run

It may sound great to have free advice from a soccer betting expert and make good money with it but you might be overlooking an important aspect of this free advice. If there are any elements of value and accuracy in these recommendations, why would these experts be willing to impart you with this knowledge for free?

Kevin Gameiro: No Longer A Diamond In The Rough

The alarm clock goes off and Kevin Gameiro comes out of his room and heads straight to the breakfast nook. He slowly awakens to the smell of scrambled eggs and orange juice placed in front of him. Around an hour later, Kevin is all suited up in his training gear and heads out to the stadium for practice. This is the striker’s typical daily routine. This type of discipline has made him the type of player he is now.

5 Reasons Why Outside Exercise Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Your doctor may be nagging you to exercise, but what’s in it for you? Beyond dropping pounds to maintain a healthy weight, regular physical activity can greatly improve your quality of life in a number of surprising ways.

EPL Fantasy Soccer Roundup for Week 12

So week 12 is just about over with, and you’re kicking yourself for not making one of Man City’s big performers your captain for double points. Carlos Tevez was the performer of the week with 2 goals, 2 assists and a man of the match bonus for a whopping 19 points. Thankfully, I had him as captain because I like many of you were likely hit by the fact that several key performers were out or were rested due to the mid-week international friendlies. Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney were two of the biggest. Hopefully you came through with a decent week. So, who should be on your watchlist?

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