What Went Wrong in Portugal vs Netherlands Game

We almost saw it coming in the USA – Italy game but that game is now remembered as how a match is fought in old style. It was all about the courage of 19 players who left the pitch that evening. In contrast to that the Portugal – Netherlands match was acerbic from the beginning and it just needed a moment to explode.

World Cup 2006 Group Stage Review – Phase Three – Part One

All 32 teams have completed the group stage and 16 are preparing for the knockout phase. This is a short round-up of Groups A to D, of the results as they stand after three matches.

World Cup 2006 Group Stage Review – Phase Three – Part Two

All 32 teams have completed the group stage and 16 are preparing for the knockout phase. This is a short round-up of Groups E to H.

Why Brazil Can’t Win FIFA World Cup 2006

As we have already seen that Australia and Croatia created a lot of clear cut chances and Japan time and time again able to slip behind the Center backs and Full backs to create opening. The future of Brazilian team seems bleak in this world cup.

The Passion of England – Last 120 Minutes of English Team in Germany 2006

Most commentators and experts say that this English team has a realistic chance of lifting the trophy come 9th July. But honestly in the heart of their heart they know that with each passing match the team is unearthing new discrepancies for opponents to exploit.

Should France Drop Zidane

France has finally scrapped though the group stage and qualified as the second team behind Switzerland from Group G to the round of 16 where they will encounter Spain. The journey to the round of 16 has more ups and downs than the ones coach Raymond Domenech had planned for. First two matches France struggled and had two draws against Switzerland and Korea.

Soccer In America – Why Isn’t It As Popular As Football In The Rest Of The World?

How is it that the world’s most important sport seems to have passed by almost unseen in the USA? Could it be that football (yes, that’s the real name for soccer) is wrong for America or that America is wrong for football. It’s the biggest money sport on the planet, so where has it gone wrong in the US?

World Cup Soccer…It’s Where Everybody’s At

The World Cup is the biggest sports event of the summer, and the biggest soccer tournament in the world. 32 national teams compete for the title in Munich, and the opportunity comes only once every four years.

Germany’s Progress to Knockout Stage in FIFA World Cup 2006

Three matches into the world cup for Germany everything seems to take the corner for good for him. Germany has won all its matches at the group stage plus entertained the home fans. After two clean sheets the defense seeming to settling down nicely for major challenges in the knockout stage.

Sport as War – The Racial Politics of Football

The 2006 Football World Cup offers a timely opportunity to consider the wider social and political implications of sport in general and football in particular. This essay makes particular reference to the racial dimension to sporting competition analysing the psychological significance of sporting competition in terms of individual and team sports with reference to reinforcing national and racial morale.

Sports – World Soccer Cup 2006 – From a UFO Log Book

June 2006. Our UFO has landed quietly last night in a densely populated coordinate at a region humans refer to as “Germany.” This particular congregation was generating so much noise we were compelled to study the anomaly…

Soccer – Really The World Game

Here’s a currently popular topic – Soccer. Do you accept this as the true game of football. There’s certainly a lot of arguments for it. These few paragraphs make some comparisons.

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