Euro 2012 Team Profile: Spain

Spain are the defending Euro and FIFA world cup champions and definitely bookies’ favorites to win the Euro crown again. La Roja are a bunch of highly talented players, who play free-flowing football. Del Bosque, under whom Spain achieved their first ever world cup victory, has brought style and substance into the Spanish team. His recent contract extension would only serve to boost the morale of the team.

Is Arsenal’s Future Really Bleak?

Not so long ago, they were known as “The Invincibles”. Arsenal earned that epithet during the 2003-04 Premiership campaign, when they lifted the crown after going through the entire league season undefeated. No other team stood a chance against the mighty Gunners as they went about eliminating every rival that dared cross their path, with clinical precision. However, the guns have fallen silent, in recent years. They have gone past six trophy-less seasons since making the 2005 FA Cup their own. The current Arsenal team is a mere shadow of the Invincibles led by Patrick Vieira. They have not even been able to mount a title challenge during the ongoing season. The recent turn of events is sufficient to shake the belief of the most die-hard Arsenal fan. Arsenal critics foresee a downfall akin to that suffered by Leeds United. Can Arsenal prove their nay-sayers wrong? Or, is their future really bleak?

Manchester City Revives Joys of Over 4 Decades

After a historic season finale on May 13th the Premier League has a 2011-12 Champion and raising the cup is Roberto Mancini with his Sky Blues men. City’s two top scorers Edin Dzeko and Kun Aguero gave the club the incredible victory with a goal each during the injury time… to put it in plain words I’ll use Mancini’s: “it has been the perfect final for a crazy season”.

Premier League – Down to the Wire

The race for the premier league title is down to the wire for the last day of the season. Not only the title, but the run for the third place and the Champions League spot and the relegation battle also be decided on the very last day of the season. Let’s see how the 12 teams battle for their pride.

Around the English Premier League – Round 38

It was an incredible season finale, full of mixed emotions as City turned into the new Champion and fooled the Red Devils that believed for a second they had conquered the title. Manchester City had the highest home record with 18 triumphs and 1 draw and also carried the longest unbeaten run of 14 games. However the winning run record was accomplished by Manchester United, with 8 games.

Importance of Sports

Sports, what are they to you? Well to many, sports are their life and a great way to keep in shape. Every child should participate in sports because children do not know how to socially interact, obesity rates continue to climb, and it requires great discipline. In the US alone millions are spent on apparel like kids soccer gear, but instead the money needs to be spent on having them participate in a sport like soccer. The children of the next generation may very likely be less healthy than their parents. To combat and prevent these conditions, children should be encouraged to play sports at a young age. Parents should start kids in sports at a young age because it is beneficial to be involved in sports to encourage the same characteristics as listed above. Parents sometimes make comments about how expensive it is to participate in sports, but I find many of them spending monies on kids sport gear, like kids soccer gear, which should be spent on being active instead.

Soccer Balls

The game of soccer is one of the most popular sport in the modern era and it is played using soccer balls.The standard soccer ball size is size 5 with a circumference of 69cm (27inch).Buying a quality and FIFA standard soccer may be quite difficult for some buyers that is why soccerloco.com is here for your soccer balls.

The Life of Goalkeeper Gloves

This article is about goalkeeper gloves. How to buy them, what sort of glove to buy and how to wash them. The article also helps you save money when buying goalkeeper gloves…

Soccer Players, How Often Are You Doing These Four Essentials?

Soccer is a fun competitive sport that requires use of strength, coordination and skill to do your part for the team. While proper preparation will involve many types of activities, soccer players can improve their game by following a training routine that includes four essentials. Weight lifting for soccer players should help to build leg muscles for speed and agility.

A Premier League Hangover

The 2011-12 Premier League season has been one to remember, but what happens when it all ends. This article discusses the final day of the EPL season and how its ending will affect all football fans.

Around the English Premier League – Round 37

Manchester City is holding the reins of the Barclays with an advantage of eight goals over the Red Devils, after a triumph conquered by Yaya Toure. Winning the Premier League title would be Mancini’s most important achievement since its appearance in the English football scene, more than two years ago; especially because none of the Citizens’ coaches in the last 44 years have been able to deliver the honour to the club.

Conspicuous By Their Absence: David Beckham – Romario – Raul – Sunday Oliseh – Roy Keane

It always provokes a reaction from fans of national teams whenever their favourite players’ names are excluded from the squad to play in any match or to participate in a major tournament. Every fan is an expert, an Alex Ferguson who can give you a million reasons why player A should have been included in the squad. In reality, football is a lot more complex than that.

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