Get The Soccer Edge With This Simple Technique

Brian Haynes the winner of three American Professional Soccer League titles. Says: “Chiropractic helps to prevent injuries and speeds up the recovery time when you are injured.” US World Cup Team says: “As the season progressed, virtually every player (had) been adjusted. Some enjoy it for its preventative approach, and others appreciated the relief it provides them when they have been injured.”

Let the Noise Be Heard

Once again the magic of football shone through like white at a wet t-shirt competition. You can really not script football, hell, what fun would that be?

UEFA Financial Fair Play

The new UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations might seem a bit complicated to the average football fan, but if you’re able to read between the lines, UEFA’s objective is pretty simple: “Let’s not let what happened to the global economy, happen to football”. Indeed it seems the UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations are less concerned with financial fair play and are in fact a lot more concerned with European football’s financial stability. The fair play element comes in almost collaterally.

Napoli FC – A Brief History

Charting the rise and fall of Napoli, from their heyday in the late 80’s, to decline and bankruptcy in the 1990’s. Now having re-established themselves as a force in Seria A, we look at their prospects under their new manager.

Retiring Footballers

Well known footballers have now retired. What are the future options for those who have graced the football pitch all these years?

How Good Is Your Soccer Coach?

This short article discusses the advantages of a good soccer coach. In it we beg the question, is the training you are receiving actually of any benefit to you? Nothing will turn you off of sport faster, than dull, boring, training sessions.

Growing Up Together at the Soccer Store

The first time I ever stopped into the soccer store I thought it would be a one time or occasional destination. Little did I know I would watch my son grow up at that store. It holds a very significant place in my heart.

The Difference Between Amateur And Professional Soccer Coaching

Professional soccer coaching and amateur coaching are the same. And yet they are miles apart. In this article we will look at the sometimes subtle, sometimes brutal differences between the two. In order to search for the benefits of each practice.

What’s the Most Popular Sport in the World?

There is no definite answer because there are so many criteria used to measure popularity. However soccer often tops the multiple lists have been published and seems to be accepted as the most popular.

The Misuse Of Home Team Advantage In South America

The issue raised is whether home team advantage should be allowed and if so how much. In Colombia and Ecuador the home team use the advantage of humidity and altitude respectively while Peru does not take advantage of altitude. The former teams are likely to qualify for the world cup but not the latter. Natural law it is suggested will restore some balance since Colombia and Ecuador won’t be able to take the humidity or altitude to the world cup.

What Does Winning The FIFA Club World Cup Prove?

Winning the FIFA club world cup proves that the rich European clubs are more likely to win because they can afford to buy the best players in the world. This has distorted the purpose of the competition which is to showcase soccer standards from the different confederations and has also caused a drain of soccer talent particularly from South America.

Other Teams Close Gap On Argentina And Brazil In South America

In South American soccer the gap between traditional power houses Argentina and Brazil and the other countries has been closing. In Copa America in 2011 Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela finished second, third and fourth respectively while Argentina and Brazil failed to win a place. In world cup qualifying a similar trend has been developing since 2000 and the closing of the gap is also appearing at youth level.

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