Premiership Preview

Following the bitter disappointment of England’s failure to qualify from their group in Euro 2008, “the best league in the world” resumed on Saturday with some interesting results. There were lots of goals, lots of controversy, a managerial casualty, booing on England players and 1 major shock.

Find Out Why England Did Not Qualfy for Euro2008

It was inevitable that there would be a backlash from the press as regards England’s ignominious exit from a relatively weak group and so it has begun. The usual scapegoat making has begun in earnest. The usual excuses would be flying left, right and centre. England did not qualify for the Euro 2008 for a variety of reasons and some of which may surprise you as a reader.

Find Out How the Media Played a Part in England’s Failure to Qualify for Euro 2008

One of the biggest reasons is the effect of the TV media. The Media should take its fair share of the blame in England’s failure.

Italian Football League Weekend In Review

On Saturday, defending champions defeated Atalanta 2-1 with goals from their reserve strikers David Suazo and Julio Cruz. Atalanta replied with a stunning shot by Sergio Floccari, who hit a right foot volley from about 20 yards out that beat Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar all ends up. Earlier in the day, title rivals Roma had defeated a spirited Genoa side in Genoa by a last-minute header from Christian Panucci.

Reactions to England’s Exit From Euro 2008

I just happened to be watching Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports and Paul Merson was asked why England did not qualify from their group by losing to Croatia after been given a lifeline by Israel beating Russia. Some so-called experts have given their opinions as to why England did not qualify for the Euro2008 and some people have not learned any lessons from the exit.

Is Scott Carson the Worst Debutant England Keeper?

This article analyzes England’s failure to reach next year’s Euro 2008 Finals in which much of the blame has been placed on debutant goalie Scott Carson. Is he the lousiest debutant keeper to play for England? Read on to find the answer!

Africa at Centre Stage as World Cup Approaches

This Sunday in Durban, Africa the preliminary draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup will take place. Thousands of football administrators and journalists will be present and hundreds of millions more watching on television, for an extravaganza designed to show the world Africa can and will host the next World Cup. Such an event will be conducted by FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke, South African President Thabo Mbeki and FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

How Low Can English Football Sink?

In April of this year, I wrote, “The ignominy of failing to qualify for Euro-2008 is only a few games away, and under the current coaching methods and management style it is sadly predictable.” Last night, that dire forecast came to pass, because of weak and foolish decisions and team management by the English coach.

Women Footballers – Should They Stay Off The Pitch?

The winter months are kicking in, and for the majority of women in Britain, most are likely to be found trawling the country’s shopping centres and squeezing their feet into the latest patent leather stiletto shoe, in the hope that it matches the sparkly outfit they just purchased for the annual office Christmas party.

FC Barcelona Profiles – Giovani dos Santos

Although Giovani dos Santos has just recently been promoted to the senior squad, he has been with the club since 2002. First signed to the boy’s team, he has worked his way through up until he spent 2006-2007 in the FC Barcelona B team, earning a quick promotion to the main squad this year.

Football Capped or Uncapped?

In 2007 the average yearly wage for a full time working British adult is £24,000. So would £50,000 a year satisfy the average working Briton or how about £50,000 per week? Apparently not Frank Lampard and John Terry, both men British, both men in full time employment, both men not satisfied with £50,000 per week. What would happen if like the average Briton, they were forced to accept a wage that the firm they worked for could only offer them as a maximum?

International Affections

What makes an international football shirt? And why do many fans wear shirts not of their nation?

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