Are Soccer Headers Directly Related to Brain Injury?

Although research is mixed on the subject, a team of researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and Montefiore Medical Center concluded that brain injury is a possible outcome from regularly heading the ball on the field. The researchers used advanced MRI-based testing and cognitive exams to assess brain function in amateur soccer players to reach their conclusion.

Aaron to Continue With Arsenal

On 11 November 2009, he was adjudged the Welsh Young Player of the Year. Following couple of seasons on loan to Nottingham Forest and Cardiff City, he returned to Arsenal and scored his first goal, which was also the winning goal, in the 1-0 victory against Manchester United. This consequently won him the Man of the Match award. At the International front, he was appointed as the Captain of the Welsh National football team in 2011, making him the youngest ever Welsh captain at just 20 years of age. Ramsey was also the recipient of the FAW’s Young Player of the Year award in 2009.

What Is a Soccer Coach? What You Need to Know Now About Youth Soccer!

Experienced youth soccer coaches know that being able to answer the question “what is a soccer coach?” requires an understanding of not only the skill sets and tactics of the game, but also requires a knowledge of the developmental profile for the age group they are working with. It is the key element of coaching that is essential to improving performance and providing high degree of satisfaction for  everyone involved.

How I Should Have Gotten Into Football From an Early Age

Have you ever desired to develop into a expert football player? Or perhaps you’re thinking about getting your kid into experiencing football, so that one day, they could become the next worldwide star? Both of these topics can only be backed up by underlining passion in the sport of soccer, and are not to be taken casually.

Rooney – The God of the Red Devils

It was a clash of the Titans on 19th October 2002; Everton battled it out with Arsenal. Arsenal was the reigning champion with an undefeated 30 match record, bearing down, like a foreboding death wish, on the Evertons.

Reality Check For Rafael Benitez

It is a public secret that most fans were very keen to see what else new signing Demba Ba is capable of, after a wonderful performance in his derby grabbing a brace, but no Benitez had other ideas in mind and had to put Torres in the starting line-up. Well there isn’t much wrong with Torres, the guy can run, put pressure on defense and he can deliver the ball into the box occasionally, but he scores when and where he feels is convenient and for a 50mill striker that is a huge problem. However Benitez seemed like he couldn’t see all these flaws in his team until the 80th minute. Matta on the other hand couldn’t send them home like he always does, maybe just one of those days

Skills and Rules of Success in Soccer

The game of soccer requires certain skills which will help the players to secure a win. Furthermore, they should follow the rules of the game to ensure that they are not disqualified in the game.

3 Steps to Become a Professional Soccer Player

Soccer, known as football in many countries, is a globally celebrated sport with more than 265 million registered players around the world, according to a FIFA survey. Today, many young players dream of becoming professional soccer stars, especially with the notoriety of soccer celebrities like David Beckham.

Important Benefits That You Can Receive From Boosting Your Core Strength

To better appreciate the benefits of core strength training, it helps to understand exactly what your core entails. When someone refers to your core in exercise, it encompasses the group of muscles found in your abs and back. These core muscles are responsible for movements that ripple throughout your body and also provide a source of stability and strength that can support regular exercise.

FA Cup Fever? Just Me Then

Has the FA Cup lost it’s lustre? A look back on more illustrious days.

What to Know About Applying for a Soccer Scholarship in America

Learn about the ins and outs of applying for a soccer scholarship in America. Who can apply and who can’t.

Who Can Stop The Red Devils?

Manchester United have entered the new year in style grabbing a win away. Wigan have had a history of giving United a run for their money but today they were doing the running. Chasing shadows all the way, Wigan were lost in the match with a midfield that left a lot to be desired…

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