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Rangers: Why The Third Division Is An Opportunity For Change

An article on what it means to support Glasgow Rangers FC, and how we can move this great club onwards and upwards. Told from the perspective of a Glaswegian living and working in London.

10 Players Who Failed To Reach Their Full Potential

Playing football in today’s game is incredibly demanding. Yes, they may get paid millions and millions playing their favourite sport week in, week out, which most of us would happily do for free, yet many would argue it doesn’t come without difficulty.

How to Place Your Bets Sensibly

Though sports betting sounds like a fun activity for many sports lovers, professional bettors don’t take it as just fun. As a matter of fact, people who know the professional benefits of betting take it as a serious profession. If you are among those who want to place stakes on soccer, but really don’t know from where to start, then you have surely landed on the right place. For the beginners, the most important thing in the sports betting is to limit yourself within your budget lines.

Zimling: All Set For Much Anticipated Comeback

The intensely dynamic Niki Zimling has begun to make a name for himself in Belgium with the FC Bruges (Club Brugge Koninklijke Voetbalvereniging or K.V. for short) after shrugging off a disappointing spell under Italian football club Udinese Calsio. He has successfully emerged to create an effective central midfield combo with William Kvist during the latter stages of Denmark’s qualifying campaign for UEFA EURO 2012, replacing the seasoned veteran, Christian Poulsen.

Zuculini’s Efforts Coincidentally Leads To Victories For Zaragoza

A professional athlete must be prepared to give his absolute best every single time he is called in to play. Now, you can expect nothing less from the starting lineup as they have earned their minutes by playing at a consistently high level night in and night out. However, it is different matter with the reserves. You must prove yourself to the team, coaching staff, and even the management; and show that you have what it takes to give your starters that much needed breather while knowing that you will do your part in either protecting the lead or contributing to widen the gap even more.

Couples That Workout Together Stay Together

If you haven’t yet gotten a joint gym membership with your significant other, you could be missing out on some crucial bonding time that can strengthen your relationship. While working out as a couple may not be ideal for every union, this type of physical experience can strengthen a connection and give couples more time to spend with one another.

The Humility of Soccer Player Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is arguably the best soccer player in the world. He has won the B’lon Dor three times in 2009, 2010, 2011 and has played with the club FC Barcelona for years winning La Liga five times and Champions League three times while he was there. His honors and success are substantial and have a lot to say about him as a player but today we’re going to dive deeper into Messi’s life to talk about his behavior open up a more intimate conversation about the young man.

Zaccardo’s Significant Contribution On And Off The Field

“Would you like to succeed in life? Physical activities allow you to reach your goals, because it keeps you in top condition while allowing you to socialize with others. It’s never way too late to start playing any kind of sport. You may not become number one, but you will certainly reap the benefits of being in good health and have fun doing it.” These are the words of Parma defender, Cristian Zaccardo, addressed to the 250 Giordani Institute students who attended the fourth stage of the “Non fare autogol” event. This is indeed valuable advice for the young teens; especially since only a small number of them understand that embracing a healthy lifestyle at an early age can decrease their chances of developing cancer and shield themselves from acquiring any other disease and disorder brought about by physical inactivity.

Zeus Shying Away From The Spotlight?

No matter how hard he tries to hide himself from it, the spotlight will continue to shine on the Sporting Kansas City’s winger all year long. Graham Zusi, a breakout all-star midfielder, isn’t the attention-seeking type and in fact, he admits not being too comfortable with it either. With his rapid rise in fame and fortune, he has been compelled to deal with it. Who wouldn’t?

Top 5 Premier League Managers on the Brink

Lately there have been some rumblings of managers who may be losing their jobs. Here are 5 Premier League managers that should keep an eye on their jobs this season.

Win Your Bet With a Soccer Guru

Genuine soccer tips and betting tips are the necessary tools that are required for a successful betting. Soccer has most of its fans in Europe, Asia and Americas and that is the reason why one can find many online books in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Greece, Ukraine, Romania and Canada that claim to give solid betting advice to their customers for placing a successful soccer bet.

Tribulations of a Soccer Fan In America

I’ve started playing soccer about ten years ago. It started when I was about 16 years ago and I’ve played it since then. When my friend brought me to train at an empty soccer field with him I didn’t find how such a sport would be such a big deal, but as I started to play the game more and more I found out how much I really loved the game.

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