Hottest Soccer Transfer News – Crespo Sealed Inter Deal

Porto boss Co Adriaanse says that “Manchester Utd are ‘crazy’ to spend £18.6m on Michael Carrick, it is the sort of money that should only be spent on a ‘painting or a work of art’.”

Biography of Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard had been a promising player for a long time, many people considered him as a national England team’s hope, and only with coming of a Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho, Frank became a real super-player. It was a Portuguese guru, who made a real leader of a young Englishman. Now all “Chelsea’s” center game is based on this motor half-back.

A Game For Heroes … If You Believe The Hype

Popular novelist ponders soccer, his childhood and the monster of commercialisation.

League Two Betting Review – 7 August 2006

Darlington are the early pace setters after beating Macclesfield Town 4-0.

League One Betting Review – 7 August 2006

Chesterfield set the standard early on after beating Bournemouth.

Championship Betting Review – 7 August 2006

Burnley are the early pace setters after defeating Queens Park Rangers 2-0.

Brazil Soccer Team, The Current Superstars

Many famous players have played for the Brazil soccer team.

Are Brazil Soccer Fans Better than the Brazil Soccer Team?

Everybody loves Brazil soccer fans!

Brazilian Soccer

The soccer madness that has never relaxed its hold on Brazil began at the turn of the century, caused the entire nation to plunge into depression in 1950, later lifted it to peaks of euphoria between 1958 and 1970, contributed to the malaise caused by the political, social, and economic difficulties afflicting the country in the 1980s, and in 1994 gave Brazil’s collective self-esteem a badly needed boost.

Hottest Soccer Transfer News – Nistelrooy on His Way to Madrid

After weeks of dilly-dallying between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, it is for certain now that Ruud Van Nistelrooy is moving to Real Madrid. Former England manager Sven Ericcsson has decided to put his own money in an effort to buy Aston Villa Football Club.

Basic Soccer Rules

The basic soccer rules are easy to follow. Soccer rules can change slightly depending on the level of play but in general the basic rules of soccer are consistent throughout the world.

World Cup Soccer Results and Review

World cup soccer results and review. Who were the best teams at the 2006 world cup?

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