The Best Stuff You’ll Find In A Soccer Shop

When it comes to going to a store that specializes in the beautiful game, the selection could be overwhelming. It’s important to look for a variety of different things in order to move forward with getting what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for professional grade gear, including soccer balls, shirts, kits, and more, you’ll have to only go with an officially licensed retailer.

Education and Kids’ Sports Go Hand in Hand

Kids who are part of a team learn to work together, better manage their time, take on responsibility, and develop a positive attitude. For children who may struggle with tough classroom assignments or even a learning disability, sports can teach them to better follow directions and handle problems, making routine classwork easier.

Sports-Related Injuries in Children and How to Prevent Them

For most kids, playing on a sports team is a treat, an activity that they look forward to week after week. But as a child grows and continues to play sports regularly, when is sports play too much? When does a fun-filled activity create the potential for over-training to result in an overuse injury?

Soccer Relationships

Football is an honest game. It’s true to life. It’s a game about sharing.

Things to Know Before Buying Your Soccer Uniform

Soccer has emerged as one of the most popular games in Europe and America. In fact, if history is to be believed then this game dates back to 2nd and 3rd centuries B.C and its roots can be traced back to China.

5 Reasons Why You Should Follow the English Premier League

Do you like watching sports? Why not give soccer a try? In particular the English Premier League. The EPL is perhaps the most popular football league in the world and is gaining more and more fans each year. This article gives you 5 reasons why YOU should also be watching the English Premier League.

A Beginner’s Guide To Sports Betting Basics

If you are a sports enthusiast and had wished to wager on sports in the past, but were weighed down by all the technical jargon such as point spreads, odds, and book making, relax. After you have read this post, you shall be ready to participate within a short period of time. Although sports betting may appear quite daunting at first, it isn’t as complex as it may seem.

Ten Qualities of a Good Youth Soccer Coach

Time for a pop quiz – would you rather your child played on a team where the coach calls the game or practice for weather if there is thunder audible, or keeps the children playing through rain and nearby lightning strikes? How about a coach who offers equal playing time to all players, even though their win-loss record is abysmal, or a coach who only plays the best and leaves the other children on the bench?

For Coaches: How to Conduct a Pre-Season Parent Meeting

Getting your season off to a good start involves being proactive on a number of items. You will want to get all your gear together, and get an idea of your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as meeting with your players and understanding their hopes and expectations.

AFC Wimbledon

AFC Wimbledon is an English semi-professional football (soccer) club which is based in the United Kingdom. It is an affiliate of both the London Football Association and the Surrey Football Association.

Soccer Coaching Your Own Child

Every parent at some point will end up questioning the nature of their involvement in a child’s co-curricular or extracurricular activities. We want to be helpful and influential; and while we understand that there are boundaries, those lines aren’t always bright and clear.

Soccer Refereeing

This article discusses the positives and negative aspects of soccer refereeing. Whether you just want to referee rec soccer or college soccer this article could possible help you.

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