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Northern Giants to End Bavarian Dominance

The Bundesliga season of 2006/07 is seeing the slow change of power from Bavaria to Bremen. For the last decade Bayern Munchen have dominated the Bundesliga, claiming the title 7 times and coming runnners-up once, making them the dominant force in German football. The question is though: Could Bayern’s dominance about to come to an end?

Rules of Soccer

Like any other competitive sport that involves physical contact (like American football, rugby, basketball or ice hockey) the sport soccer has its own share of fights and accidents. Maybe it is because of the sport itself involves aggressive tactics in which makes it more exciting.

Soccer Coaching – How to Motivate Soccer Players or Kids

Soccer coaching tips and drills. Teaching and coaching youth soccer is easy when you learn how to motivate players or kids. On coaching soccer you need to set the example. This means that you need to use the Golden Rule and speak to them the way that you wish them to speak to you and the way you hope they speak to themselves.

Soccer Lessons – How To Kick a Soccer Ball Properly

Soccer lessons to improve soccer skills for soccer coaches, parents and players. Soccer lessons video clips with simple step by step instructions.

How To Play Soccer – The Basics

How to play soccer easily with step by step instructions and video clips. Teach how to play soccer with a variety of easy-to-understand soccer drills and tips.

A Load of Bull

In April 2005 Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz purchased Austrian football club SV Salzburg. The energy-drink billionaire has invested big time to make his dream of owning an internationally renowned club come true.

Same Old England – Always Boring

Should we really be shocked at the English soccer team’s mediocrity?

A Look At UK Soccer

The FA Premier League Partnership, also known as UK soccer, was first founded in 1992 and is a league that is reserved for the top UK soccer clubs in the English system.

The Ultimate Soccer Experience for Greeks

During the 2004 summer, my home country, Greece had the privilege to be the protagonist in two extremely important and prestigious events in the nation’s sports history; the EURO 2004 Soccer Championship and the 2004 Olympic Games.

Just Play Beach Soccer

One friend of mine asked me recently why all men are crazy about playing football or what is known in United States as soccer.

I Bet The Blue Brazil Will Make It Into The SPL Within The Next Five Years

People always write off the teams in the lower leagues of Scottish football, but I think there will be one team to surprise you all in the next few years

The World Cup Fever

World Cup is the Crescendo of the Sports concerned and it is long awaited by its Fans.

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