The Transfer Merry Go Round Cont’d

Continuing the transfer merry go round saga, and giving my view on todays hot topics. It could be transfers, matches or the personal lives of the players.

Soccer Success

The most lucrative sport in the world is soccer, or better still football with great players like Michael Ballack, Ronaldinho, Rio Ferdinand and a host of others earning a weekly bonus that will pay a Law or Medicine graduate for at least a month. The richest club in the world is Manchester United (MU) having revenue of over 700 million pounds. Are you talented looking for how to get started and start making exploit in football, this will help you get started.

Liverpool’s Preparation – Next Season

Do you think Liverpool need more player to improve their team?

The Arsenal Team of the Decade (1997-2007)

When Arsene Wenger took charge of the Arsenal Football Club in October 2006 he was relatively unknown in the English football community. Since his arrival, however, Wenger has transformed Arsenal into a successful, multi-national side with a strong emphasis on stylish, attacking football. As such I am happy to present, playing in Wenger’s favoured 4-4-2 formation, the Arsenal Team of the Decade.

The England Manager Job – Possible Candidates for the English FA to Consider

The author discusses the pros and cons of the various people that could have been given the England manager’s position by the English Football Association.

World Cup Football Matches – Golden Goal Alternatives to Prevent Penalty Shootouts

The author discusses the advantages and disadvantages of alternative methods other than the Golden Goal that Fifa could adopt in an attempt to prevent penalty shootouts. The author concludes by giving his opinion that penalty shootouts to decide football matches are perfectly acceptable.

At Football – Soccer Matches In The Top European Football Leagues -Should There Be Four Linesmen

The author discusses the merits of having four linesmen instead of two at football – soccer matches in the top European football leagues.

Genius Football Players -Their New Role in The Game

The author has noticed that previously, genius football players that often wore the Number 10 football shirt and were previously given the freedom to wander the park are now put into more rigid squad formations.

David Beckham – Other football Clubs he Could Have Signed For

The author discusses Other football clubs that David Beckham could have signed for other than the Major League Soccer side, LA Galaxy.

European Footballer of the Year Candidates

The author discusses likely candidates for the European Footballer of the year despite Real Madrid president, Ramon Calderon announcing that Fabio Cannavaro had already won the Ballon D’Or / Golden Ball.

Do Football – Soccer Players Get Paid Too Much Money?

The author discusses whether football players get paid too much money and comes to the conclusion that some are, but others are not and that all players should be on performance based contracts so they can earn large amounts of money only if the club does well.

Andean Nations Left Gasping At Altitude Ban

Just as you were ready to trek up the Inca trail to Machu Picchu to see Peru in a World Cup qualifier, along comes Sepp Blatter and his FIFA cronies prohibiting all international games above 2,500 metres (8,200 feet), because it is dangerous for players and gives an unfair home advantage. As you would expect, the decision has ruffled some feathers amongst the various Andean nations, where World Cup qualifiers are routinely played at high altitude. The question is though – How and why have FIFA come to this decision?

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