Iraq’s Hope for a Little Peace May Be in the Asian Cup

A tired soccer team for Iraq cannot be accused of having high hopes to win against Saudi Arabia. Their Cinderella trip to the Asian Cup’s finale has captured the vision of soccer fans around the world

What Do You Think About Soccer?

Growing up in the country that soccer is a dominated sport, I can say that soccer is a part of my life. I can’t even remember the first time I played soccer.

Soccer Practice Games VS Skills Drills – How Much Time To Spend Doing Each

Many coaches wonder how much time they should devote to skills related drills vs. time scrimmaging or spent doing other practice game elements. My answer is always the same: Spend as much time as it takes for your players to properly grasp the essential soccer skills and demonstrate the fact.

Christiano Ronaldo Fit And Raring To Start The Next Premiership Season With Man Utd

Manchester United footballer Christiano Ronaldo is fit and raring to go ahead of the new Premiership season. The Portuguese star has been in great form so far in pre-season, and can’t wait to kick the new season off with Man Utd.

Planning Soccer Practice Effectively

Many youth soccer coaches have coached multiple seasons and they feel comfortable with their knowledge about soccer and coaching. This comfort leads them to believe they know everything they need to know about coaching soccer and they become far too complacent simply “winging it” during practice.

David Beckham – Will He Save Major League Soccer Or Is He Just A Big Gimmick

Can David Beckham save MLS? Is he the greatest soccer star ever?

Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures An Improved Performance Next Season At Manchester United

Manchester United midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo says that he wants to perform better next season in the Premiership. Last season Ronaldo scored 18 goals, but now he pictures even more goals and even more trophies.

Clash of the Titans – FC Barcelona v Real Madrid 22-23 December 2007

One of the top events of the footballing calendar are the Barcelona-Madrid clashes. This year the first round is in the Nou Camp in Barcelona and it’s just before Christmas. We take a look at your options.

David Beckham in MLS – Good or Bad?

David Beckham’s move to the MLS was a good decision and a bad decision. Just depends on how you look at it.

Soccer Practice Drills for Volunteer Youth Soccer Coaches

Putting together practices for soccer takes the investment of time, that is, if you have the required knowledge about the game to complete the task. The best coaches have plan for what they want to teach their team, and they have a vast supply of drills to draw from that helps them cover each particular topic. For those stuck without a good practice plan, they stand no chance.

Soccer Camps Assist in Getting Soccer Scholarships

Information on soccer camps and how to get soccer scholarships.

Soccer Practice Plans – Get Pre-Planned Practices that Work

Soccer Practices are most successful when they are ple-planned. Time is important and having a plan for practice before you arrive, allows you to better utilize it. If you are a soccer coach and need practice plans, this article can point you in the direction of where to get valuable practices with plenty of drills.

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