Much Adu About Nothing?

Freddy Adu is one of the most famous young players in the world – it seems as though there is nobody who has not heard of the young DC United star. Since a young age he has been hyped up as the next ‘big thing’ in world football, but is he as good as all the hype that surrounds him? Or is he a prime example of the hyperbole that surrounds all things American?

Is It Soccer Or Football And Where Did It Begin?

Of course, diehard fans of Manchester United will tell you that the modern version of football or soccer as it is called by many came into being in England, but others all over the world claim that the invention of the sports belongs to their country.

Italian Pride Hit with the Sentences for the Calcio

After they won the World Cup, Italy finds itself in one of the biggest match fixing scandals in the decade. Four of the biggest clubs on the Continent have been recently found guilty of paying to have the marches fixed and the severe punishments include demotion and points deductions.

Italy – Jubilation to Relegation

On Sunday 9th July, 2006, Italian fans were celebrating their countries fourth World Cup. Fans were still celebrating from Milan down to Rome on Friday before Italy’s Sports Tribunal shattered the nations celebrations. In less then a week Italian fans went from jubilation to despair as the biggest scandal to hit Serie A came to a conclusion.

Soccer Ball Mosquito Deterrent

There are many virus and disease vectors in the world, yet we all know that one of the worst is Mosquitoes and they can cause havoc for people and animals spreading SARS, West Nile Virus and other diseases which can be transferred thru blood contact. This is a serious issue and with all the freestanding water around it makes perfect breeding grounds for endless generations of Mosquitoes.

The Origin of Soccer

The game of soccer is recognized as the most popular sport in the world but few may know that it is one of the oldest games as well.

Soccer – Not Just The World Cup

Soccer – the World Cup is over. What now? This article looks at what most supporters feel about their “local” game and also examines just how important the financial side of soccer has become.

Who Should’ve Won the World Cup – Australia!

You may want your team to win the world cup, but you can’t deny that Australia were delivered an unfair blow to have them put out of the World Cup.

World Cup Football

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest event in soccer(football), it is played every 4 years between 32 countries that make it there via qualification. The winner at the end is crowned world soccer champion. Find out more – read on.

World Cup 2006 Review – Semi Finals & Final

The World Cup is over for another four years and it was Italy that were crowned World champions. Here is a short round up of the semi final, third and fourth place play off and the final.

The FIFA Rules Are no Longer Enough

And then the world cup ends… The last game between France and Italy is probably exemplary for the quality of soccer these days. Acting on visible actions alone is not enough. The stress of the game leaves no time for any referee to take the right action. The system of yellow and red cards is no longer enough. In order to increase to quality level of soccer the FIFA needs to introduce something like …

FIFA World Cup 2006 – All Star Team

Buffon – He again proved himself as the best goalkeeper on the planet. The saved he made against Ukraine to preserve the Italian lead were second to none in the world cup. Zidane – He played some of the best football by rolling back the years

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